Things to do in LA #1- Figure out how to start a Blog- December 11, 2013

December 12, 2013
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Hey guys, and welcome!  I’m Ashley or Ash if you prefer, and this is a blog I actually started quite a while ago but lost track of so I thought it might be fun to bring it back.

I originally came up with the idea for it one night when me and some friends where eating at the same damn Japanese restaurant we always do when we go to the same damn movie theater we always go to. At some point between the same damn steamed rice and….well a slightly different drink due to the waitress accidentally bringing me a regular rather than diet Coke to chase my same damn Saki, I  decided it was time to spice things up in life.

After all, I’m getting to that age where my facebook feed’s become a weird mixture of alcohol and babies, with all my friends’ idea of fun moving from the former to the later at an alarming rate.  Perhaps it was time I too found a more grown-up hobby- and preferably one that didn’t have to incubate inside my womb for the next nine months.

Now ya’ll gotta understand I grew up in Arkansas- which probably explains why I sometimes say shit like “ya’ll” – but anyway, I quickly realized most of the “grown-up” style fun I’d been witness to when I was a kid tended to involve either mass amounts of casseroles or Jesus- both of which I’ve noticed tend to be found in somewhat shorter supply here in Los Angeles where I live now.  And it was as I attempted to broaden my horizons, brainstorming through everything fun I could think of that didn’t involve a four wheel drive vehicle of some sort- that it finally occurred to me that perhaps the ticket was precisely my lack of expertise of all the fun things people do in LA.  Why not find out and why not write about it as I went?  And so what follows will be a series of little stories about my wanderings through LA. and it’s attractions- both textbook touristy and obscure and off the map- often guided by my Native Los Angelino boyfriend James aka Jame or Jayme.

So, I rushed home on that fateful regular Coke drinking night to start my blog only to find that in my excitement I’d forgot the smallest snag of details- that I had no idea at all how or where to start a blog.  Damn.

Feeling rather unmodern and certain I’d be banned from coffee- shops nationwide if the news got out, I began to wonder where I could turn for help.  Then it hit me.  Aha, my sister-in-law had a blog I recalled!  It was trendy and grown-up sounding and had to do with….babies.  Damn.

It was then that I turned to the old American stand-by- when it doubt, Google that shit.  Sure enough, a few clicks later I was feeling very accomplished and tech savvy despite the fact that it turns out it takes about as much skill to start a blog as it does to order a value meal from a drive thru restaurant.

And so, with my new little dashboard excitedly awaiting its first post and few ideas already of things to do in LA, I felt like I had things pretty much figured out.  That is until I noticed a cute little icon offering me the chance to further the fun by adding…photos!  Damn.  Now although I myself don’t mind a pose every now and then I’ll confess one of the thoughts that popped into my mind was the fact that many of the blog photos I’ve personally been exposed to tend to feature the author’s kids doing cute shit or standing beside landmarks, such as (sigh) ones you’d find if said author was out exploring LA.

And while I often find it adorable that Jame most often appears in our vacation photos as the back of a head or his thumb over the lens when he’s the photographer, add that to the above paragraph and you’ll see my dilemma.

Luckily by that point in the evening I’d started drinking vodka I’d mixed with a little water and microwaved for a few seconds- thinking how much different can it be from the Saki from the Japanese restaurant- so the clear answer arrived swiftly in the form of this guy.


Ladies and Gentleman:  Meet Frog.  If I remember correctly I won him for Jayme from one of those little claw games at Disneyland.  As my eyes landed on him,, I rolled over all the qualifications.  Cute, occasionally makes funny faces, loveable, small= baby.  He was perfect, my watery warm Smirnoff and I decided and so he’s been cast as a kind of stand-in to appear in cute poses at the various sites when Jayme has wondered off and I’m starting to boarder on feeling like a Grade A selfie.  Besides, what says super intelligent modern blog like a stuffed animal at the Hollywood sign? Right?